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  Do you need to find out where someone works? Child Support? Do they owe you money?

This service is a great way to find out where someone is employed. We can often find the employer or the company where the subject works. We can also find the address and telephone number of the employer. This search is a great way to find where someone works for child support or to garnish wages if they owe you money.

This search is conducted by a licensed private detective and takes 3-8 days to complete. Some may take longer depending on the location and availability of records. This is a U.S. based search only and not available outside the US.

We require that you have the subject's first name, last name, and either an address (past or current) or a social security number before you order. We use some of the same methods that the IRS and the federal government use to find out where someone works. This is an advanced search of online and offline records which may take 3-8 days or more to complete.


Find where someone works?

Order Now for $59.99 Find Employer
What type of information is returned?
Employer's name
Company name
Address of employer or company
Employment status
Employer's telephone number
Past employment records

You also get a basic profile report which often includes:
Subject's full name

Date of birth
Current address (subject's current residence)
Past addresses (up to 20 years or more)
Other people using the same social security number.
Possible spouse's name. (If married)
Name changes (If female has married)
Land line telephone numbers
Cell phone numbers
Social security number
Unlisted telephone numbers
Aliases - (Married name changes)
High risk address identification (Shows mail drops or other false possible fraudulent addresses)
Notification of criminal or arrest records

Bankruptcy notice
Eviction notice
And more.


Find Where Someone Works!


Some facts about this search:

The subject will not know you ordered any search or that anyone is searching his or her records.
Your search is conducted by a licensed private detective.
We will no do searches on minors or anyone under the age of 18.
Results sent by email directly to you.
This search is non-refundable.
Login area to view the results to your search.
Great support system if you need any help or have questions.








 All information shown may or may not be included depending on if it can be located or if the records and information are on record. Some records and information may not be available, located, or may not exist. This is a service to search and locate records so you are paying for a service. No reports or records can be guaranteed. The *ssn will be masked or truncated on every search due to security reasons unless you have legal documents. Trademarks belong to their respected owners. The normal turn around time all most searches is 3-6 days although some may take longer! Please see our terms before you place an order.