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  Do you need to trace a fax number to locate an owner's or a company's information? This fax number lookup or reverse fax lookup will allow you to find the owner's name, address, and other details. You provide us with a fax number based in the U.S., and we can locate this information for you. If the fax number you have is outside the U.S., please see below for the options available. The international fax number lookup takes additional time to complete.

Ever wish you could trace / lookup a fax number? We use special databases and resources that only detectives, government agencies, and other professionals have access to. With this special access, we will locate the fax / telephone records and provide you with the owner's name, business name, and business address quickly. Please see below for the results that you will receive.


The US "Fax Number Lookup" will normally provide you with the following information:
Owner's name
Company name
ZIP code
Other additional details.
US based fax numbers only
The International "Fax Number Lookup" will often provide you with:
Owner's name
Company name
Country and location of owner
ZIP code or other country codes
Other additional details.
International based fax numbers only
Available in any country.

The results to this search may take some time to complete. We will attempt a search by using databases first, but if that is not successful, we will use other techniques to locate the information you need. Normally the results to this will be available in 3-10 days. Some may take up to 30 days or more to complete--especially if this is an international reverse fax number lookup.


Some facts about this service:

The subject / business will not know you have searched any records.
Your search is conducted by a licensed private investigator.
This service may take anywhere from 3 to 30 days to complete.
Login area to view the results to your search and to check the status.
This search is non-refundable.
This service can not locate VOIP or internet fax numbers.
New support system if you need any help or have questions.



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 All information shown may or may not be included depending on if it can be located or if the records and information are on record. Some records and information may not be available, located, or may not exist. This is a service to search and locate records so you are paying for a service. No reports or records can be guaranteed. The *ssn will be masked or truncated on every search due to security reasons unless you have legal documents. Trademarks belong to their respected owners. The normal turn around time all most searches is 3-6 days although some may take longer! Please see our terms before you place an order.