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  Each day thousands of people have a need to find someone's workplace or employer. Many times people need to locate employment information to garnish wages or to collect child support. We have seen people do some strange things to avoid being located. Some will work for cash only jobs. Some have even been known to change their names. We have also witnessed people that will steal another persons identity to avoid paying child support or to avoid being located due to liens, judgments, and other financial obligations. If you need to find someone's place of employment we can help you.

If you need to find out where someone works, we can help you like we have helped thousands of people in the past. We have a success rate of over 88% in locating these records. We have several ways to obtain this information for you. The subject is never contacted and will not know that anyone is searching for his or her employment information.

The Employer Search or "Find Someone's Employer" search is conducted by a state licensed private detective. Normally the results to this search are available in 2-10 business days, but some searches may take longer to complete. Remember, this is an investigation and not just a simple online search so we cannot guarantee the time frame. When the results to your employer search is completed they will be available to you in your account and will also be sent to your email address.

The employer search is a great way to collect child support or act on a judgment you may have against the subject. Let us help you locate the subject's place of employment. For more information on this service or to order please see below.


What information is normally returned? Order Now for $79.99  
  Employer's name (Where subject works)
Address of business or employer
Telephone of employer (Where subject works)
Also you will receive a basic people search report on the subject:
First name
Middle name
Last name
Date of birth
Current address (Current address where subject resides at)
Past addresses (up to 20 years or more)
Other people using the same social security number.
Possible wife's name or husbands name. (If married)
Name changes (If female has married)
Land line telephone numbers
Cell phone numbers
Social security number/s
Unlisted telephone numbers
Aliases - (Married name changes)
High risk address identification (Shows mail drops, or other false possible fraudulent addresses)

Employer search - trace


Some facts about this search:

The subject will not know you ordered any search or that anyone is searching his or her records.
Guaranteed privacy--the subject will not be notified or know that your searching.
Your search is conducted by a licensed private detective.
Login area to view the results to your search.
New support system if you need any help or have questions.
This search is non-refundable!
The subject's SSN is required for this search.
New login area to view results, send support requests, order additional records and more!








 All information shown may or may not be included depending on if it can be located or if the records and information are on record. Some records and information may not be available, located, or may not exist. This is a service to search and locate records so you are paying for a service. No reports or records can be guaranteed. The *ssn will be masked or truncated on every search due to security reasons unless you have legal documents. Trademarks belong to their respected owners. Please see our terms before you place an order.