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Social Security Number Search


  If you believe someone may have a warrant for arrest, then you may need to use this service. This wants and warrant check is available nationwide and will search every state in the U.S. against all current and past warrants on record.

You can order this search on anyone (yourself included). Many people today try to hide from the law or create fake names and believe they can disappear. Many people that have a warrant for their arrest do not even know it. Some may have an old parking ticket they forgot about or maybe they forgot to pay a speeding ticket years ago.

A warrant for arrest will never expire unless the issuing agency removes it from the National Crime information Center (NCIC). The NCIC is run by the FBI and available to every law enforcement department in the U.S.

If you need to check someone out or to make sure you do not have a warrant for arrest, please see below. This search may take approximately 2-6 days to complete. The warrant check will be conducted by a licensed private detective and will be sent to your email address. You also will have the option to view the results online in your account.

To order the warrant check you must have the subject's first name, last name, and one identifying type of information such as: date of birth, address, past address, social security number, zip code, city, or last known locations.

We have lowered the price to this search so please order now as this price will not last long.

Warrant Arrest Check

Basic Search $49.99 Order was $59.99
Notification of a warrant (Yes or No)
Issuing agency
Warrant issue date
Issuing agency name and address
Reason for arrest warrant
Type of crime
Contact details (court information)
Officer's name



Some facts about this search:

The subject is not contacted or has no idea that you have searched his or her records.
The subject must be at least 18 years of age at the time you order.
We do not search minors or public figures.
You must agree to all terms and conditions before you order the search.
This search is non-refundable because a record showing "no match found" indicates no record / clean record.
We cannot guarantee this search to be accurate. If a match is found, you may need to contact the
agency that issued the warrant to find out if it is active or has been served.
Results are normally available in 2-6 days time. Some may take longer to complete.
New support system so you can ask questions about your order, check the status of your order, etc.
We require that you provide the subject's full name (first name, last name, and middle name)



Warrant Arrest Check




 All information shown may or may not be included depending on if it can be located or if the records and information are on record. Some records and information may not be available, located, or may not exist. This is a service to search and locate records so you are paying for a service. No reports or records can be guaranteed. The *ssn will be masked or truncated on every search due to security reasons unless you have legal documents. Trademarks belong to their respected owners. The normal turn around time all most searches is 2-6 days although some may take longer! Please see our terms before you place an order.
Some searches may take up to 30 days if we have to research more records, and search more databases.